f Michelle Ghilotti
I want my virtual programs and online business to feel like it did when I started out in 2001 ~ filled with warmth, human touch, realness and unexpected surprises. Here's how you do it...
- Michelle Ghilotti

Let’s just be honest, it’s time for all of us to go back to HIGH TOUCH. Because our clients are craving it, they’re talking about it and they’re saying they want something different than what they’ve been getting in the online space (I say keep your online arm and grow it as big as you can AND keep making sure that you have certain high touch principles within it so your entire business, not just your online programs, are more successful and so YOU are more excited about it all).

In short, I know you get it.

And, I want it for the online world or online marketing as much as you do…


“Don’t sell me, SEE me” first.

I want to live in the kind of world and do business in an online industry and space that prioritizes people (humanpreneurs, I call them)…



Where, again, integrity is valued.

Where someone’s values are clearly felt, not just posted on Facebook some days, but in how she/he treats her/his clients behind the scenes and through their many questions on all the days.

On all the days I want to feel who you are and want to feel that although I’m buying a program online that will virtual that it will in as many ways as possible also feel REALLY fun (like a party, even) connected, warm and where I won’t feel lost or like I don’t matter (this is what our potential clients are feeling and saying to themselves and often these days).

They want programs where it’s as if they’re at the best surprise birthday party EVER…something that inspires them to not do business any other way and that has them continue to come back to you again and again (something I can proudly say happens in my business on repeat).

As my clients know, I’m ALL about creating virtual and non-virtual/in-person coaching programs that feel like stepping into my living room. In fact, I just celebrated my 16th business anniversary and can’t think of anything more exciting than to keep infusing HIGH TOUCH into every virtual program I have in the works (important: as a creative woman, I know you have a lot of super cool programs in the works, too, even if you haven’t done much more than just jot down the potential name or program idea on a post-it note (one of my favorite ways before I sit down to add the idea to my ongoing program list).

In fact, speaking of stepping into my living room…I host a lot of events and retreats in my living room here in Los Angeles.

See…here I am at a pajama business retreat for some of my mastermind clients…cozy is relatable and helps you learn better (this is what I know and also what they all said after the event):

And below a fancier event complete with my beloved energy healer + friend who came to support my clients…healing (and growing in your leadership through emotional and spiritual intelligence) increases your ability to connect:

Or, here I am at the Greater Good Party which was an idea I had back in November of 2016 that my husband and I recently hosted. In the same living room, we brought entrepreneurs, film/tv people, yoga teachers, artists, programmers and other creatives who had never met before into a creative think tank or salon of sorts for the greater good (we do GREAT good being more “high touch” with community, especially today).

Here’s what each of the LIVE events above (and more like them), as well as the many VIRTUAL or ONLINE classes, events and trainings I’ve done over the last seven years of having the online arm of my business had and will continue to have in common:

::: HIGH TOUCH :::

having reverence for the connection between humans; seeing people first and prioritizing presence, warmth and creativity in virtual programs, taking the time needed to surprise, wow and facilitate that connection and wild client results in a way that leaves people wanting more…

They value true service or, in other words generosity (customer service is top of mind, too, as we know this is one of the first places your brand impression begins – how your clients are treated from the moment they register for a program)
Again, here’s what the above LIVE events in my living room and my online classes like Brand to Success, Photography to Success, Mom Mogul, CEO Changemaker, the Success Mastermind, Strategy to Success, POP to Profit, etc. all have in common --
  • …they appreciate tech-nology but know it’s no substitute for human-ology. And to take it a step further, going beyond what’s human and attempting to speak to and create an environment inside your programs that feeds your clients’ souls. (We are all so thirsty for it!).
  • They keep human interaction HIGH on the list and find creative ways, no matter how far away clients are, to keep humanity, a feeling of warmth and closeness and that interaction high.
  • They make sure there’s a special uniqueTOUCH to every piece of the day or program (this goes beyond a “branded touch” – instead, it lands on true human touch and CARE – that which many of us feel we are missing most in this online space or digital age)…
  • They prioritize connection – generous dashes of prized presence -- with an eye towards creating a relationship, not simply one lasting for a few hours, few weeks or few months but something longer term (from someone whose been in business for over 16 years, be warned: you may even fall into friendship with some of your “clients” being more high touch).
  • They value true service or, in other words generosity (!) (customer service is top of mind too as we know this is one of the first places your brand impression begins – how your clients are treated from the moment they register for a program)
  • They see signs of human first not the dollar sign. In other words, they see launches not as transactions but as sacred invitations (tip: if you see the next program you do as having X number of sacred spots, the (ideal) clients you call in, the energy in you and inside the service or program will change. No doubt.
  • They create a space of warmth, familiarity, and relatable leadership …you can still be the lead, the teacher, the coach but by infusing more human, and even, incorporating more of your flaws…

How does that song go?

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love…”
(video/song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUaxVQPohlU)?
Your virtual programs, just like your clients need love. In other words, they need a feeling of being more high touch, a warmth and way more TLC baked into them so that the virtual or online nature, isn’t what they think about AND so your clients:
  • Feel SURPRISED AND DELIGHTED around every corner.
  • Feel and HEAR YOUR VOICE, SEE YOUR FACE & RECEIVE GIFTS they’re not expecting throughout the life of the program.
  • Can more easily LAND INSIDE RESULTS they most want (if clients feel taken care of, week after week, they are more likely to stick with it and be the amazing testimonials and case studies you most wish for)
  • Can RAVE ABOUT YOUR SERVICES (think obsession) and become your brand ambassadors.
  • Can CREATE THEIR OWN HIGH TOUCH PROGRAMS/SERVICES that make them money and help them get known in an authentic and more organic way, too. In other words, take what you learn in the following HIGH TOUCH LIVE training I’m offering and teach it to them!
Let’s now chat specifically about said program...HIGH TOUCH LIVE, the Step-by-Step Of Creating Your First (or 2nd!) Virtual Program that Feels Like Anything But. Ah, that last sentence is music to my ears.
I’m ecstatic to be opening the doors to a program that will help entrepreneurs create LIVING programs…

It’s something that’s so needed and that has bubbled up and been created in my own business programs for the last few years --

How do you create virtual programs that people are wild about and that speaks to the human (and soul!) as well as the personal, even party or LIVE event type atmosphere, so many of us are craving in the online world and virtual era?


Through step-by-step and AWESOME ideas (!), the HIGH TOUCH program will show how to create a virtual program (and so many more to come) that do not feel virtual and even better – that, week after week, include unique

We need to get back some of the human and quality interaction in our online or virtual businesses that we love about visiting offline businesses.


It's time to start or continue this new paradigm of sharing our gifts.

Generosity first.


This is for you if you…

Let’s appease to your inner artist or creative and have some serious fun with High Touch!

You will walk away with exact how-tos around how to create a virtual program that feels like anything but. Mm-hmm! A program that, as a result of how you’ll incorporate more high touch qualities and aspects, delivers high results and (as important) JOY as each client goes through it.

Though all of my trainings automatically have a feel good, mindset and inspirational tone, this program is packed with juicy new ideas and ways of incorporating your creativity as well…I’m excited for you to experience the combination of these two…

After Class 1, you will leave with --
After Class 2, you will leave with --
After Class 3, you will leave with --
After Class 4, you will leave with --
  • DATES: October 19, 20, 26, 27 [FOR THE FIRST 15: Two additional bonus trainings October 30 and 31st around the marketing of your program and how consistent content will sell out your program]. RECORDINGS available the same day for each class.
  • TIME: Each class will run for two hours from 9:15am Pacific – 11:15am Pacific. Of course, if you can not make any of the classes, we will have recordings for you. We are prompt sending those out to clients. And, here’s another lovely, supportive feature -- you may send in your questions in beforehand to have me answer at the training/Q&A you have to miss.
  • TRAINING CALLS: Training calls which will also include time for a Q&A period.
  • WORKBOOKS: Workbooks will be handed out a few days prior to each class to help cement the learnings (our MGI workbooks are top notch!)
  • LIVESTREAMS: Bonus behind-the-scenes livestreams into my business and around how I continue to keep things high touch with every coaching session, every event and within all my mastermind groups.
  • ONE LIVE EVENT IN LOS ANGELES on November 11th from 12-4pm (come make a weekend out of it): It really is so fun and ridiculous for the price point (see below under investment), however, for the first round of this new program (though the knowledge has been there for years), I want the initial group of ladies (YOU) to be floored…and you will be.
  • FB GROUP: Inside our private Facebook group, you will not only meet amazing women but benefit from my bonus livestreams and will also able to ask simple questions to assist you in moving forward on high touch program creation. High touch bonus: If you need one-on-one support, you may ask Susan, my right hand lady, for the special VIP rate for a one-off private session (which I don’t normally do).
  • HIGH TOUCH SURPRISE AND DELIGHT: And more to surprise you and keep things high touch, joy-filled, interesting and results-based). But, of course…
*Note: Instead of doing this course the way most do (doing a week at a time), I know that how I create the best results creating a new program is working on it in consective days (hence two back-to-back classes). You will gain a momentum that you will see may fit best with the creator inside you.

Plus, if you’re anything like me, you want results and also want to get on with the business of launching a program that you’ve likely been sitting with or sitting on for a while now…

Let’s do it!
Ready, set, enjoy, launch.

$397 (value: $897+)* with a payment plan available over a two month period (full disclosure: we have extended the pay period further than we normally do to test out how this works for everyone).

I know, I know…it really is so fun and ridiculous for $397, however, for the first round of this new program (though the knowledge has been there for years), I want the initial group of ladies (YOU) to be floored…and you will be.

Note: I’ve been running a high touch and strictly boutique business the last 16 years (hence why I have a lot to share on this topic) which means that most of my programs have come with higher price tags ($1k and above). I’ve been changing that recently with programs like HIGH TOUCH with the intention that I serve more of you and get to know more of you who have been in my community for a long time yet haven’t participated in or benefited yet from any of my coaching programs. Here’s to changing that with HIGH TOUCH.

  • $397 - pay in full
  • Or

  • 2 payments of $230/month

The first 15 known as the Inner Circle, will be invited to two (2) more classes where I will be teaching the top marketing tips to easily advertising your HIGH TOUCH program and how consistent messaging grows my business and also helps fills my programs (I will also be giving additional semi-private support around each of your new programs!). Register now to claim your cozy seat.

Let’s create inside high touch fun, ladies. Boy, am I’m ready for you!

High Touch Entrepreneurs, let’s create the best event and most passionate party online YET while we learn in heartfelt community. Let's create your next virtual course that
will feel like anything but…let's add the warmth and creativity needed in the online industry!

Our deadline for registration is October 13th.

And, just one last reminder. If you're one of the first 15 women to register, you will be added to the Inner Circle which means you will gain access to two (2) additional in-depth classes cover off on the marketing of your virtual program and the consistent messaging or content needed in order to fill your programs.

One last thought…

I started my business in 2001 before the internet exploded for us entrepreneurs and would meet my clients to work with them. We would sit face-to-face and I loved it…though this has changed, it doesn’t have to be felt as much as it does and has in the online space or with virtual programs as of late…

Yes the HIGH TOUCH program is a program that is about the steps to creating your own high touch program that helps clients with wild results because of the level of warmth baked into it, BUT more than that it's about speaking to what so many of us have been feeling for awhile: disconnection in the online space.

We want more connection.
We want to do things differently!
We want to feel people being in integrity.
We don't want to feel like a number!
We do not want to *feel* virtual distant.
We want quality, connection and authentic generosity!

This is what the world – and the online world--- needs more of, especially right now with all the devastation, pain and separation in the world.

So, let’s do that. Let’s pour our love and prioritize humanology into our virtual programs so that connection reigns…

My mastermind experience mirrored all my other experiences with Michelle Ghilotti; it was transformative, empowering and produced great results for me both personally and professionally. This mastermind was impeccable, just like everything that Michelle creates. It was filled with great content, well supported, delivered from the heart, and with her amazing knowledge and wisdom. We not only received what she promised we would get from the program, but spades more.

I love MGI. I've worked with Michelle for the last four years, and in my opinion she has more heart and soul than anyone I've come across in the coaching business. She is a total package because her genuineness and care is combined with great intelligence and experience. As I've said before, she really "gives a sh*t" about her clients becoming successful. Michelle doesn't hold back, she generously shares invaluable knowledge gained in building her own success. She has a huge impact moving me and the other ladies forward. I've created and now launched my signature process and masterminds myself, all because of her support and mentoring!

You can tell that Michelle built this mastermind from a place of passion and gratitude that this is what she "gets to do" everyday. If you join, you will learn that it's possible to "make a living and have a life." Michelle will meet you where you are, but also inspire you to see how much more you are capable of becoming. You will grow into the woman you want to be. -Emily Dodge, Coaching and Empowerment
Michelle, the million dollar woman! My whole body, my whole being automatically clicks into “MGI” mode in preparation of talking to you or listening to you speak.

Just knowing my time with you is coming close, heart and mind being to re-open and re-engage to really absorb the beauty and brilliance you have to offer. And then once we speak in one of our sessions, the flood gates just open, I immediately feel centered with my purpose, and engaged with my goals. You bring out the best in my entrepreneurial spirit!

The Mom Mogul Success Society has changed my life. I could talk about it for 100 reasons. First, I have noticed an overall shift in my thinking and my overall outlook on life (business, family, personal). My fuel and fire for life is back. All of these amazing positive wonderful things are happening to me, and if they aren’t, I figure out a way to face them head on, with an empowered attitude. I feel happy, focused, productive and inspired CONSTANTLY! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Through this experience and continuing on working with you, I am confident I can be a leader, and know the knowledge and "secret sauce" I have learned through our journey in this mastermind can help all those I work with, both clients and my team. It is so invigorating!

Working with MMSS and the other women in the group has provided me with a support system I never had until now. “Being at the top” in your business can be lonely when you have questions that may not be appropriate to ask your staff: strategy, title, re-branding, salaries and so on. The one on one calls inspired more questions in the group and I have put most of the advice I received on these calls to work! There are so many amazing smart, dedicated women in this world. We truly don’t have to feel or go at this alone!

I would recommend MMSS to any mother, entrepreneur and/or current business owner. Before MMSS, I found myself checking off the the day to day tasks to keep my businesses, friendships and family alive and afloat. I was doing them, and doing them quite well, but something was missing. I didn’t realize I was forgetting to put the passion, love and “focus/attentiveness" into it. The day to day tasks don’t change, but Michelle overall helped me with my approach, balance and re-engagement. These new methods have increased my energy for all of those things and allowed me to find time to create additional visions, goals. Again, thank you SO much, Michelle! -Whitney Stoner, Creative Director, Whitney Fusion Event
I am a busy person. Entrepreneurial doctor with a huge vision. I needed a container to help me make my vision a reality. Michelle's Success Mastermind had all of the components that other programs were missing -- especially the accountability. She will not let you slip away into virtual abyss. The support of Michelle and my mastermind sisters have been key to staying focused while working full time at a busy clinic and building my own medical boutique practice.

The mastermind is so much more than a group program, it is a sisterhood with personalized coaching. No regrets by far. It is invaluable to be heard AND understood. Thank you Michelle for creating a space for us to focus and excel in a condensed timeframe. Michelle's pure passion for helping women entrepreneurs pours out in virtual word hugs each and every time we connect. -Dr. Stacy Mobley, Burnout to Bliss, Integrative Doctor for Busy Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals
Through monthly coaching calls (both group and private) I have gotten the guidance and support I need to accomplish my one BIG goal in 6 months. Weekly check-ins with our Facebook group provide me with much needed accountability to stay focused and on track. In my mastermind sisters I've discovered a small group of women who not only share my passion as an entrepreneur, but also understand my unique challenges as well. As always when I work with Michelle, I am taking my business to the next level and growing in ways that are both personally rewarding as well as profitable.

I feel as if my journey is just beginning. From the small steps to the big ones, I now feel as if I can take Mpower to another level and I owe so much of that confidence to you. Know that the enthusiasm, confidence and energy with which I move with is in so many ways a direct result of the support you've given me.

Hiring a VA, getting paid to speak and launching an Mpower event... I'd say that's progress! Again, whether it's the big steps or the little ones I now continue to actually take them which is propelling Mpower forward in such a great way. My heart is filled with such gratitude for this entire experience... -Michelle Gillman, MPower, Personal Trainer and Coach
Before joining the Mom Mogul Success Society, I was apprehensive -- who am I to join this elite group? and will the investment be worth it? My fears were quickly washed away. I was welcomed with open arms and this connection and education has been so valuable. The three biggest benefits of the MMSS are the monthly calls with guest speakers, the monthly one-on-one calls with Michelle as well as the partner calls - getting to know each other more on an intimate level, proved to be enlightening and a better sense of comradeship emerged;walls came down and friendships were made. Having a FB Group also proved to be helpful for any questions, Monday and Friday check-ins that Michelle does and once again, proving that we are all on a journey and could lift each other up when needed! My favorite part of MMSS has been surrounding myself with amazing, strong ladies! Getting to know one another on a deeper level has been such a blessing. I am also a huge fan of Michelle's welcoming aura and the guest speakers she shared with us each month!

The MMSS has proven to be a great asset in my growth both professionally and personally. It has reaffirmed my belief in following your passion, sharing your journey with an open heart and to continue to keep learning and growing! My audacious goal was to step into my light and share my gifts on a higher, broader level as well as continuing a strong, purposeful connection with my daughters. I feel so connected to my family as well as my passion! I would highly recommend MMSS to anyone looking to connect to their purpose and other like minded women. Michelle's gift to inspire and connect is priceless; it has been an honor to work with her. -Angela Kelly, Health Coach, Organic & Fit
You have been nothing more than a rocket fire of support since the moment I connected with you. I came to you searching for clarity on all I stood for and how I wanted to distribute that to the world. But I also had a lot to sort through within myself involving many moments of confusion, self doubt, and fear lashing out at me, which sometimes were projected on to you (and apologetically so). Although with my time away, our process took longer than expected, you never wavered too far off in the distance. In fact, it was your resilient support and unbounded patience in my journey, which sometimes meant you being a silent cheerleader on the sidelines as I continued to find my way, that kept me going. I could hear your voice in my head reminding me I had a purpose..an authentic brand the world was just waiting for. You believed in me Michelle, in a way that no one ever has. And it wasn't because it was your job to do so, or that there was some agenda that the tactic served...I felt nothing less than the core of your passion and commitment in every exchange we had (no matter where you were in the world).

My experience with you has helped turn my little voice into a vivacious roar, my confidence and self validation are indestructible, and the love and happiness that has been fed into my heart just bleeds through my pores because I finally feel I'm living a "couture" life - one that is in true alignment of all I am. You are an icon of authenticity, genuine heart and inner wisdom - a true testament for all you stand for in your own brand. Thank you for being such a gift in my world and such an integral part in the process of my own evolution. You will always be recognized as a stepping stone in my success. -Tia Komitas, Mother-Daughter Empowerment Maven, Adventures of the Self-Expressed Girl
Thank you for your support, insight and hand-holding. It was a sometimes an overwhelming, but nevertheless beautiful process of reconnection with myself and with why I got started on this path of entrepreneurship. I feel I'm walking away with more than the information to express a coherent brand. I have been able to get a glimpse of what my business and my life can be and that excites me in a way I have not felt in a long time.

Today I read your feedback about the name of group and tagline before heading out to do some errands with my family. All day I felt happy, excited, expansive & abundant knowing I'm on the track to create something amazing. -Maria Luz Jimenez, Lovely Soul Healing Coach
Michelle, your behind the scenes and intimate sharings are more valuable and inspiring to me than any "professional" topic or video I could imagine. (Of course there's a place for those too) but I want to express how powerful it is for me to see your process because THIS is the life you're creating day to day (your powerful realness inspires my ability to show up with that same realness) and it gives me hope and clarity and pause to consider the day to day ways in which I can create a LIFE that inspires me everyday (. I've been so torn about speaking professionally and in a highly produced creation versus what you just created here which lights up my soul. I'm touched and feel the excitement of more clarity for myself. Plus I get to FEEL you and the beauty and commitment to and of the life you are living. Plus all the professional applications of your valuable tips and processes. Thank you! Here's to being connected! -Natalie Kling, Clinical Nutritionist
I’ve been working with Michelle for several years though it was the very first time I attended a mastermind retreat. (Ladies, if I could manage to participate by living in Hungary, Europe don't miss any opportunity if you are only few hours away! It's worth every penny and hustle, I hardly can express how incredible experience it was.)

Michelle and her family welcomed us with an open door and loving heart. During the two full days beside delivering the topics she wanted to cover, we spent huge amount of time with our businesses and questions. All were flowing very naturally, was inspiring and eye-opening. Michelle truly walks her talk in person and in business. She is a role model of integrating love, creativity and Divine feminine energy to branding, business and everything she touches.

My biggest take away besides the strategic plan for the coming months and the tactical nuts and bolts, was to learn how to be more daring - in expression, visibility and as a coach. Thanks so much Michelle, much love! -Andrea Perneczky, Soulful Business & Mindset Mentor
The retreats Michelle puts on for Mom Moguls is the alchemy that allows the magic of this mastermind to come to life. The Mom Mogul retreats created a sacred support system for me to go after my goals in business and in life. Michelle effortlessly guided us and I always felt extremely welcomed and inspired during those days. Michelle gently pushes you to realize your dreams can be even bigger than you allow them to be.

Michelle is the most generous, fun, loving, compassionate and wise coach I have been honored to work with and if you are a Mom with a mission, get yourself into the Mom Mogul Mastermind. It will give you wings to fly. -Gretchen Kehan, Transformational Business + Life Coach
I’ve been working with Michelle for just over a year now. I started with a 6-week online virtual coaching course she offered. I then moved into to her 6-month Mastermind group. And then most recently we worked together in one-on-one weekly coaching sessions which included a very special VIP day at her home. Michelle’s gifts lie not only in her amazing business and branding coaching skills, which get you from point A to point B, keep you accountable, and support you through the process of accomplishing your goals, but even more importantly, in getting you to the right goals for you…those very soulful and authentic ones that sometimes spend more time floating in our minds and hearts than they do in reality, not to mention the ones that we may not have even uncovered yet. Michelle helps uncover and bring the abstract, intangible and audacious dreams to life until suddenly they are part of your everyday reality. As I experienced while working with her, an even truer, more authentic path unfolded for me than I had imagined and what originally seemed like abstract concepts turned into a very beautiful, exciting and tangible lifestyle brand for myself.

But as a woman who runs her own business, while raising a family, I also know how challenging it is to find the time to get through the checklist of details when you are trying to accomplish something new. Days and weeks can go by without the quiet space to focus and work through these vital details that are needed to bring a vision to fruition. During my VIP day with Michelle, I was given not only the gift of having a concentrated amount of uninterrupted time to get some solid work done on my ideas, but to also have a talented coach right next to me acting as my sounding board, visionary and second brain (which as moms we all need sometimes!). We worked through website ideas, taglines, writing a bio, and scheduling tasks for the upcoming weeks. And when we needed a break, Michelle served a beautiful, nourishing lunch. We covered in four hours what would have taken me weeks to work through on my own. We also mapped out a final plan of action that would allow me to successfully put the finishing touches on this once-abstract-idea-turned-new-reality when I returned home. I left Michelle’s home that day feeling truly accomplished, supported and loved…like a true VIP! -Leslee Fiorella, Textiles & Design
“Michelle’s course helped me so much! Through her incredibly detailed guidebooks and inspiring weekly tele-courses, I learned how to combine my specific talents with my ideal clients’ needs and desires to create a brand that both inspires me and my ideal clients. I have never felt more focused in or fulfilled by my business! I am now clear and confident in how I speak to potential clients, whether face-to-face, on the phone, or via social media. Michelle is kind, knowledgeable, supportive, and really understands the unique challenges of being a busy entrepreneurial woman with multiple responsibilities. If you’re looking for help with your business branding, both Michelle and this great course will give you just that!” -Amber Keating, Health Coach, LA
“I’ve been in biz for over 10 years and have a pretty clear point of view around how business is and should be done. Michelle’s branding work helped me further clarify and crystallize my brand personality which will serve as my filter for all communication going forward. In addition, I was able to generate naming and tagline ideas for a school that I’m launching for entrepreneurs this Fall. I’ve attended countless events, conferences and workshops over the years. The intimate nature and custom attention that Michelle provided made me feel like I was in a boutique, instead of a shopping mall… and delivered far more than I expected for my investment. Worth every dollar! Bravo and thank you, Michelle!” -Carolyn Herfurth, Business Strategist, NYC
“Michelle is amazing at getting to the bottom of what makes you happy and building a brand from that place. Few people understand the power of branding, but it’s the smart ones who know that a well-thought out brand is the killer secret of successful businesses.” -Angela Jia Kim, Owner Savor the Success, NYC
“I went into the workshop bracing myself for how little I was going to be able to accomplish, which was just absolutely silly. Even in the questionnaire that Michelle sent prior to the workshop, I had gained a tremendous amount of clarity. I guess I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but then man-oh-man, she blew it out of the water. She really took the time to get to know me and my essence prior to coming. That allowed me to bring down my walls and enter into a tremendously creative place. Not to mention the fact that I was in a room full of equally amazing women. I am fueled by being around such energy and thus it was a fantastically creative few hours. I walked out with so much clarity. I feel like I can move beyond some roadblock and say, ‘Yes, here I am. This is me. This is my brand. Here’s what I stand for. Now here is my work. Listen up folks.’ It’s a cohesive story that is a pure reflection of me. Of course there is a lot more work to do, but I now have a better set of tools in order to go do that work. I cannot thank Michelle enough and look forward to working with her more in the future! -Whitney Hunter-Thomson, Consultant, NYC
“I admit, I walked into Michelle’s workshop a little battle worn and jaded. In the past several years, I’ve gone to a bunch of marketing workshops and taken all sorts of marketing courses, and yet I still couldn’t come up with a basic tagline. When I walked into Michelle’s workshop I was feeling lost in the dark and scary jungle of marketing tips, techniques and lingo. But after spending just a few short hours walking through several very easy-to-understand worksheets, Michelle helped me tame my marketing fears and finally find my tagline! Her approach was different than anything I had seen before and it made sense, and the bottom line is, it worked! Thanks Michelle!” -Rebecca Keller, Scientist, ABQ
“I have been a client of Michelle’s for the last five years, and with all the projects we’ve worked on, Michelle always manages to inspire. One of Michelle’s greatest strengths is distilling an idea to its strongest form. I have brainstormed with her on all kinds of projects and she has come up with elegant and witty solutions that my colleagues, friends and family have consistently raved about. I also find Michelle so easy to work with. She’s a quick study, and she gets to the heart of a problem or issue quickly. She’s also a great listener, and on many occasions she has pulled out from my many random and disparate thoughts a common theme or element that has become the basis of the work. Her international experiences really bring a worldwide view to the table. I know that I’m getting the best of design because Michelle has seen so much in the course of her work and travel abroad. When you send out any work under your name, you want it to be the best representation of yourself and your business. In short, she is someone who I have no hesitation in recommending because she always gets it, and gets it right.” -Grace Won, Personal brand, SF
Michelle is AMAZING! Her creative ideas and contagious passion inspired and guided me to a more authentic way of integrating my life and my business while helping me find the vocabulary to express my ideas. During my VIP time with Michelle she had the insight, knowledge, skills and expertise to draw out the unique features of who I am while simultaneously providing the clarity and focus that created the momentum to keep moving forward. I was able to accomplish so very much....from tagline to session planning and everything in between, as well as speaking tips and options on presenting in different formats. I highly recommend working with Michelle....she is no wandering generality....she is a meaningful and powerful specific! With Michelle you get things accomplished!!! -Teresa Blount, Certified High Performance Coach and creator of Vibrant Health Ageless Living


Here’s to being high touch and creating a new space and place for high touch entrepreneurs online!

Michelle Ghilotti, a yogi in business and in life, has recently been named one of the nation’s top creatives in ORIGIN Magazine and been quoted by Forbes. She’s the creator of such programs as Brand to Success, Photography to Success and Mom to Mogul. Having worked with brands such as Nike, Hewlett-Packard and Starbucks in her past life, she is now a couture brand creator, success coach, writer, modern adventurist entrepreneurial mom, Huffington Post blogger and speaker supporting women in making happiness their business by infusing creative and authentic depth and daring into their brand communication, business programs, signature processes and more.She is the owner of Michelle Ghilotti International: a branding, coaching and empowerment agency and author-in-the-making with How to be a Walking Momtra: Eight Simple Yoga Truths to Stretch Every Mom’s Happiness. She has been quoted in and written stories for nationally published books such as I Love Mondays, Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself, It’s a Chick Thing and The Girls’ Book of Success as well as has appeared on KTVU, The Lifetime Channel and KATU for her work.

She’s also the founder of the Walking Momtra Show where she motivates moms to focus on their happiness so they can RAISE happiness. Having lived all over the world with her business over the last 13 years, Michelle considers herself a serial expat, however, currently lives in sunny Los Angeles with her husband and Harry Potter-obsessed son.


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