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If you are a fiercely devoted family woman who wants to create as much space in life for growing into her financial freedom as well as family time, you’re in the right place.

You are the mother of your own reinvention and it doesn't have to be either/or.
You can.
And no one has to lose.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Michelle Ghilotti and I’m a speaker, writer, what my book-writing coach calls a “modern entrepreneurial adventurist mom”, a serial expat and success coach who for 13 years has helped hundreds of women and moms design businesses that fit their authentic, soulful personalities as well as fit into their lives as well as gets them (and their genius!) noticed. (Before that, I spent eight years working with brands such as Nike and Starbucks in the ad business.)

Beyond my work with Michelle Ghilotti Int’l, a branding, coaching and empowerment agency, I also started the Walking Momtra community and radio show a few years ago, specifically, to help moms focus on their happiness so they can RAISE happiness. In fact, my book proposal on the subject is on its way to agents soon.

I mention my work with both MGI and Walking Momtra because I’m all in.

I’m all in, with purpose (if my photo below is any indication, all while having a really good, light-hearted time, of course) to help women and moms live more fearlessly in pursuit of authentic lives, doing what truly makes them happy, living not just 50% of who they are or what they desire but 150% of the life that is meant for them.

I love to live this vision or, better said, I live what I envision for the world each new day and create with that level of heart and soul. Through this work, I love showing women how to do the same; how to dance through life that free and empowered.

Though it wasn’t always this way, today I travel to beautiful places overseas to speak and work with clients, am featured on TV and magazines as well as online outlets like the Huffington Post on all areas I briefly touched on above ~ business, motherhood, branding, motivation/empowerment and personal development.

And all of this has been possible because of one thing. And it’s something you have inside of you, too:

The ability to say YES to yourself.

I’ve said yes for the entire life of this business. Thirteen years now.

In other words, I’ve continued to say yes to my dreams and the work involved to get there, even while…
I, of course, gave myself the time and nurturing I needed in each instance (this yogi knows the value of stopping to smell the roses!), however, I never said “next year!”, “later…” or “…maybe when he’s older.”

I saw and went for what I knew was there and possible for me as, deep inside, I knew it would be good for all of us.

I mention this for one reason and one reason only ~ I kept looking for and reaching for the happiness and purpose I knew I’d had from a young age.

The business, my family and I have all grown in the best way, despite of, or better said, as a result of these “obstacles”. In many ways, they’ve simply show me how ready I am for the continued growth and even larger opportunities that lie ahead.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

All of it has led to a fulfilling family life and business not only because I’ve continued even when it felt scary but because I’ve created from a place of truth, a place that feeds my soul, creativity and my authentic desires. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t felt feel like work at times but, just like motherhood, it’s the best work I’ve ever done. Because it’s what I’ve always known I’m capable of.

The life and business I’ve consciously created speaks beautifully to my modern-day gypsy ways and also allows me to be the spontaneous, devoted mom and partner I love and that my men love too. I couldn’t be more grateful for this YES life. Because in continuing to say YES to my dreams, I say YES to my family and their dreams, too.

Speaking of a dream, our wish let loose on the world, as my husband and I call him, is named Nolan (9) and he’s a bookworm. He calls me Mama and I’m happy to say that I never miss a field trip, school volunteer opportunity or being able to watch him practice soccer during the work week. He and I enjoy “Art Tuesdays”, “Museum Wednesdays” and “Happy Friday fun days” after we get home from school at 3:15pm. (He enjoys these days so much he has them written on an intention board near his bed.)

I'm also the proud wife of a hopeless romantic named Josh (infinite love and gratitude to his mama), and after 16 years together, we still write each other love notes and surprise one another with date night often.

And, as with our businesses, all my most important relationships, are that way because of a mindful and conscious choice to, as much as I can everyday, create what I want to be a part of.

As a result of being present and passionately in love with my family, I have purposefully created a business model, daily and weekly schedule that allows me the time to take care of the first domino in the domino effect ~ me. As the lynch pin in the whole operation (the business + family operation), I make sure to make this me time non-negotiable.

I do a daily strength workout, yoga, read my favorite books, make quiet time for tea and/or meditation every single day while Nolan is at school. My health and wellness is a must. Because if mama isn’t healthy of mind, body and soul, no one will really be healthy of mind, body, soul.

As moms/mums/mamas, if we are the fireplace everyone comes to for warmth, inspiration and creativity, we need to be fueled and fired up too…give from your overflow, mama, not from your lack.

As the How to Be a Walking Momtra book says, we could describe this as focusing on your happiness so you can RAISE happiness.

With this said, I also want to share that I call MGI and Walking Momtra both family businesses.

I’ve coined them “family businesses” for a few reasons, not the least of which is that they are both so integrated with my family life.

Throughout my communication of each, the sharing of my story, creation of my services, travel and daily goings-on of my, it’s increasingly difficult to find where the me in life and the me in business begins and/or ends. And I love it this way. In fact, it’s what makes it all work. To me, this is what having an authentic brand is all about.

And I know you and I are in agreement with what I’m about to say next…our work lives must actually work while growing our beloved family.

It’s with all of this awareness, love and learning that I’m ecstatic to open the doors to the Mom Mogul Success Society mastermind.

This boutique collective will support eight (8) driven, soulful female entrepreneurs who are also daring, devoted moms through to success in the areas that are most important to them.

In our six months together, week in and week out, we will focus on one big, audacious soul goal in business and one big, audacious soul goal in life/family, all the while learning how to make room for as much financial prosperity as we do family time.

If you want to write for the Huffington Post AND bring in more surprise into your relationship, let’s do it. If you want to launch your first online program AND create a plan to only work three days a week so you can spend the other two week day afternoons out on “mama days,” let’s do it. Or, to name another option of what could be hundreds, if you want guidance on how to bring your first five-figure month in 2015, while you also focus on losing the baby weight, LET’S DO IT.

Family, life and business can all be richly accounted for, in a most empowering way, especially when the YES to your dreams, as well as the support and community ~ essentially, a place to help you find answers faster than you would on your own ~ is clear and consistent.

It takes a village and this can be your village.

Say yes to yourself by saying no to spinning your wheels any longer trying to do it all by yourself. Accelerate your happiness and success in a business with purpose. Say yes to the direction and loving support you need. Say yes to a family life that doesn’t suffer and, on the contrary, only hugely benefits from getting out there in an even bigger way.

Learn everything you need to know about making a living and having a life all while working towards your one big audacious goal in business AND in life.

I'm here and we will all will be here to catch you when you fall...with excitement and gratitude when you look down and realize you've reached your audacious goals in 2016 (oh, glorious Spring success). Goals, if we're honest (and I was there many years ago!), that would have taken you double or triple the amount of time to complete without the support of someone who's been there right where you may be.

2016 is yours for the taking.
Surprise yourself.

Have more fun, engage more fully, say hello to more financial prosperity and steal even more of those precious, fleeting moments with your kids and spouse or partner.

I'm honored and ecstatic to get started and make the last half of 2015 and first half of 2016 one for the books, poetic and powerful. Just like you.

Here's to making a living and having a life. 2016 is yours for the taking.

To find out when the next Mom Mogul Success Society Mastermind group opens its doors for registration, please enter your information below:

Investment Note: Once we receive your application and you're accepted, we will send you the remaining details about joining the mastermind (the monthly investment being one of them). In the meantime, to get an idea of the value and results you'll receive, kindly dance down to the client testimonials.

Important Note on Application Process: Lastly, please note that if you fill out an application to be considered and you are in fact accepted, please note that are not be bound to join the mastermind. Just as my son has a choice to take a shower in the morning OR the evening, you have a choice too.

Number of spots available: 8-10 spots total. Apply if you're feeling that dance in your belly.

And the Truth Continues...

You want a life and business filled with "yes!", purpose, with overflowing support, play, spontaneity, abundance, travel and a lifestyle that matches what you find beauty in and value most.

You want days that end in "Today was amazing!" because there was little to no spinning (maybe a little busy but no spinning as to what to do next), every baby/child/teenager felt seen, heard, loved and taken care of while your creative work in the world was launched out in an even bigger, more meaningful way. Your platform is growing and you’re becoming even more visible. As a result, opportunities are flying to you versus you having to hustle to them.

In short, and most importantly, you want a more consistent richness infused and felt in both. And, you want all of it faster than maybe it’s currently transpiring or coming into view.

You’ve finally realized that trying 10,000 different things (or having 1,000,001 ideas about your business model or brand or services) and doing it all in a vacuum, on your own, has worked but only to a point. And you’ve felt, more now than ever, that you can’t just keep trying to do it all or guess at it all, on your own.

You now know that for it “all” to happen as fast as you want it to and in the time you have every day, you need more laser-focus, accountability, direction and weekly course-correcting and observation from someone who is where you want to be.

Beyond that, you see additional support from a choice collective of daring women who each have something amazingly unique to bring to the party is of huge value.

That’s what my coaching style, curriculum and this collective is about ~ pouring into your cup in a high-quality, boutique way so you can, without losing more sleep or time, pour a new-found wisdom and the best strategies and knockout nuts and bolts learned into your business and family cups, both to overflowing.

Like me, you want both cups to be exactly that ~ more and more full. And you can feel it’s possible.

And just as our kids need us, our purposeful, soulful businesses need us too. They need our focused attention and love and, many times, they’re screaming for attention ~ sometimes for years.

Here’s the thing. If we want to send out work into the world that gets noticed by bigger and bigger audiences and that helps more and more people, we must actively be living that better life!

In other words, the first step in living that better life is taking the sometimes scary step to invest in ourselves so we know how to, well, live the better life.

Said another way, our ideal clients invest in us when we invest in ourselves. It’s just the way energy works.

Getting the mentoring/coaching I needed as well as joining high-level masterminds has made all the difference to the business I see as my movement in the world (and you probably already know what I’ll say next, right? It’s also made all the difference to the two men in my life, as well).

In fact, my business turned its first real corner when I said yes to myself by saying yes to my first coach, my first mastermind group then my second mastermind and so forth.

Not only has the prosperity yielded from this higher learning and growth afforded us all of kinds of unique family moments, experiences, travel, opportunities and a lovely lifestyle, but as a result of being financially-free and knowing how to create an abundant reality emotionally, physically and spiritually, I have developed in ways I never thought possible.

Though motherhood and entrepreneurship can include not-so pleasant moments and steep learning curves (birthing is never easy) they are the two areas in our lives that gift us the biggest emotional and spiritual growth. For this reason, we are mom to the second power. The very growth, consciousness and awareness we meet in our business, we can use to be better mothers and teacher to our children. Similarly, the growth, consciousness and awareness we experience in motherhood, we can use to be even more on purpose and resilient as business owners. We are living a double gift!

Thanks to the dance I do between motherhood and entrepreneurship, I am more alive, resilient, open, flexible, creative and happier than I’ve ever been. And if that wasn’t enough, I am able to show my sweet boy what he, himself, is capable of...

Pursue yours and you will be teaching your kids to pursue theirs. It’s just how energy works.

Making six figures and getting your message out there in a bigger way while raising a family doesn’t have to take years to accomplish. And it can be filled to the brim with meaning and soul.

If that’s what you want, we can help you create it all where drive and desire for a successful purposeful business-turned-movement meets devotion to our sweet and growing families.

There really is a way to create in both worlds with ease. We can contribute to the world by raising loved and emotionally-intelligent human beings and by putting our purposeful work into the world in a larger way, without delay.

I’m well aware that you don’t need permission from me but just in case you’ve been looking for it, you absolutely have it.

Lean in.

Lean into the deeply rewarding work life AND fulfilling family life you want and deserve. {Pass the champagne and gluten-free, vegan red velvet cake, while you’re at it}.

You are mom to the second power. You are mom and mogul, with soul.

Let’s eat that piece of cake and sip on that bubbly together, all while we make and living and have a life.

Let’s create your plan, set out the map and FLY.

Explore the growth opportunities your business is there to gift you and your family.
In this empowering, soulful and action-oriented 6-month
mastermind, you will learn:
  • How to pursue the dream while being there for your kids and family.
  • How to create a sustainable 6-figure business.
  • Take your vision and reverse-engineer your success so that you know exactly what to focus on every day.
  • How to create high-end programs, products, and services.
  • How to attract higher paying clients.
  • Business model design.
  • How to shape your business around your ideal family lifestyle (create room for as much prosperity as you do family time).
  • Master talking about your business as the movement it really is.
  • Begin to master time management and productivity.
  • Deepen your one-on-one sales conversations and coaching/consulting skills.
  • Know what your message or brand is.
  • New soulful ideas around growing a fun-filled and thriving family.
  • Automate your business so you can spend less time in it.
  • Work from anywhere in the world.
  • Dance through doubt and fear so you can step more fully into your purpose.
  • How to ask potential partners or TV producers for what you want.
  • Shape your business around your ideal lifestyle.
  • Create your own signature system and package your offers (stop trading hours for money).
  • Grow your email list (a key component to working less and anywhere in the world).
  • Create your first information products (e-books, teleseminars, video courses).
  • Hire the right team (even if this means your first virtual assistant) and delegate with confidence.
  • Stay focused and not be overwhelmed
  • How to do it all while listening to what your heart truly desires vs. what is expected of you or following what your neighbor is doing (authentic business, here you come).
  • Experience the support and stretch of a mentor and an supportive mama collective.
  • …and more.

What you receive each month to help propel you forward:

Weekly Support to Your Big, Audacious Goals for the Next Six Months: one in business and in family/life! As you learn about other topics throughout our six months together, this will be the heart and soul of our time together...audacious goals!

One (1) 30-minute private coaching session per month

One monthly pre-recorded training on a topic that will support you reaching that audacious goal (each training will be approximately 30-45 minutes and you will be able to listen to it while on a hike, while walking the dog or driving the kids to school)

Private Facebook group/accountability each month: Virtual check-ins on the 1st, 15th and 30th of each month (video check-ins you can record with your smartphone). We're not only keeping you accountable, we are keeping you visible!

Light daily and weekly coaching in our private Facebook group (this virtual Facebook group is also a place where you can ask honestly for support from your mastermind sisters and your coach)

Ability to email Michelle one document to review and discuss per private (this is normally reserved for private clients).

The ability to pair up and mastermind with your mastermind sisters. Each month you will be given a partner you can mastermind with for the month in at least one call, each of you sharing your unique expertise and experience.

One (1) themed fillable worksheet to cement that month's guest speaker training (no more than five pages so it's easy for you to fit into your schedule). This is an example of a few pages of our mastermind workbooks (each workbook is a fillable PDF for your convenience):
Calendar for the month (see sample below): Your custom MGI calendar will move you to fill in the most important pieces for the month and week. Everything in relation to your desired monthly revenue, your power of five (more on that in the mastermind) and your daily gratitude are included. It will be sent to you both in fillable electronic and printable version. This is an example of what one of our calendars looks like:
Two (2) Group Sessions: One is an hour-long masterminding group session where coaching is delivered to everyone around the tasks most pertinent to their six-month goals. The other is an hour and a half session with a special guest training you on a particular subject. Mastermind clients have given RAVE reviews on the experts MGI brings on so be prepared to have your cashmere socks knocked off!

2016/2017 retreat dates to be determined (there will be two (2) retreats at Michelle's home in Los Angeles and one (1) retreat in the Napa Valley).

I know you’re wondering how much time you will need to spend each month (you’re a busy mama!), right? Well, here goes!

Time you can expect to spend filling out your workbook for the month: 1.75 hours.

TOTAL mastermind time each month: Between the two mastermind calls, posting your weekly goals on the Facebook group, private call and homework time mentioned above, you are looking at a total of 5.25 hours all month to get clear on and plan your dream life. Worth it? We’d say so.

What you have to look forward to: Personal growth, business growth, family happiness, our retreats + that dream life you've set in motion.

Monthly Breakout to Your Breakthrough Year

January 2015
Theme: Fly Towards Your Audacious Goals, both in business and family

LISTEN to a re-cap of this month:

In addition to being guided and supported to laser focus on your one audacious goal in business and one audacious goal in family/life, throughout our time together, we will cover the most important topics on your mom mogul with soul journey. Monthly we will give you templates, worksheets and checklists, where appropriate, as well as show you shortcuts (moms need shortcuts to FLY).

Life Purpose (Your Movement)
Vision: World Vision, Greatest Business Vision & Greatest Life Vision
Your Definition of Success
You as the Teacher/Leader (It's time to welcome it in)
Your international business!
A Deep Dive into Brand and Your Most Important Lines (Master the 80/20 rule)
Plugging the Leaky Holes
Enlightened Wealth and Earning Potential
Business Model
Daily Accountability & Soulfully Audacious Weekly Calendar

February 2015
Theme: Super-Powered Purpose & Happiness
LISTEN to a re-cap of this month:

In addition to being guided and supported to laser focus on your one audacious goal in business and one audacious goal in family/life, throughout our time together, we will cover the most important topics on your mom mogul with soul journey. Monthly we will give you templates, worksheets and checklists, where appropriate, on the following topics, as well as show you shortcuts (moms need shortcuts to FLY).

Your Authenticity is Your Uniqueness, Your Gold
Mom Mogul Mindset (The Approach)
Your Soulful Home (Level 2)
Important Devotion
Ideal Client Conversations (Giving them a name)
Relationship Architect

March 2015
Theme: Enlightened Wealth, Your Offerings & Creative Strategies
LISTEN to a re-cap of this month:

In addition to being guided and supported to laser focus on your one audacious goal in business and one audacious goal in family/life, throughout our time together, we will cover the following most important topics on your mom mogul with soul journey. Monthly we will give you templates, worksheets and checklists, where appropriate, on the following topics, as well as show you shortcuts (moms need shortcuts to FLY).

Huff Po and TV Challenge (Writing your first pitch letter!)
Book Proposal 101 and How to Sell One Million Books
Nurture the Nurturer (Level 2)
Worry to Solution Exercise

April 2015
Theme: Make Happiness Your Business
LISTEN to a re-cap of this month:

In addition to being guided and supported to laser focus on your one audacious goal in business and one audacious goal in family/life, throughout our time together, we will cover the most important topics on your mom mogul with soul journey. Monthly we will give you templates, worksheets and checklists, where appropriate, on the following topics, as well as show you shortcuts (moms need shortcuts to FLY).

Bend Time, Productivity Princess!
Building Your Team
Half-Way Audacious Goal Check in (Bright Shiny Objects, buh-bye)
Half-Way Financial Review (Monthly Revenue Goals)
Creator of Moments Challenge
New Year, New You: Fashion, Health and Soul/Heart Health

May 2015
Theme: Your Brand of Woman
LISTEN to a re-cap of this month:

In addition to being guided and supported to laser focus on your one audacious goal in business and one audacious goal in family/life, throughout our time together, we will cover the most important topics on your mom mogul with soul journey. Monthly we will give you templates, worksheets and checklists, where appropriate, on the following topics, as well as show you shortcuts (moms need shortcuts to FLY).

Genius Zone challenge
Thought leadership challenge
The Art of Storytelling
The Art of Influence
Social Media Success (How-to Periscope and more)
Leading Groups, Running Masterminds and the How-to Around Workshops

June 2015
Online Business & Growing Your Movement on TV,
the Huffington Post or through Your First Book
LISTEN to a re-cap of this month:

In addition to being guided and supported to laser focus on your one audacious goal in business and one audacious goal in family/life, throughout our time together, we will cover the most important topics on your mom mogul with soul journey. Monthly we will give you templates, worksheets and checklists, where appropriate, on the following topics, as well as show you shortcuts (moms need shortcuts to FLY).

Fired Up by Firsts
Taking Risks For What Matters Most
Spring Cleaning (Relationships, Rituals and Habits)
Learning from the Richest Women in the World
How to Ask for and "Win" Testimonials, Support and Favor
Planning the Rest of 2016 Like a Lady Boss and Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

BONUSES you receive if you apply and are accepted before December 31, 2015.

1) Brand to Success: Create Your Haute and HOT Authentic Brand (retails for $997). You will learn all you need about building your brand. Of course, if you are accepted and join the mastermind group, you will of course have Michelle’s eyes and ears on your brand from the start of your time together in January. Brand to Success, however, is a great deep dive for those of us newer to getting clear on what we stand for and works with you on all the brand and marketing deliverables you need to create and market your haute and HOT authentic brand. It is a home-study course complete with detailed workbooks and training recordings.

2) Photography to Success: How to Create Knockout & Out-of-the-Box Brand (retails for $297). In this self-study virtual course, you will learn how to express your brand visually through creative and story-telling photography. We have very little time to make an impression. Photography, just like video, helps us do that. If you fill out an application, are accepted and decide to join, you are investing in:

Six months of having a board of directors of sorts as well as a guide to help you get where you most want to be.

A high-touch, boutique environment (8-10 spots available). ). As a current mastermind client mentions below, you never get lost in the crowd. I won't let you :-)

Monthly private coaching around the business nuts and bolts, the branding know-how as well as the life coaching to live a happier more balanced life.

Weekly coaching, direction, review and feedback on our private Facebook group.

Twice monthly group coaching and masterminding where you’ll hear from other top experts and instructors on the topics that are most important to you.

Weekly guidance. We all need it to make sure we are keeping our eye on the business growth as much we you are on the family’s growth.

Weekly accountability. As my clients know, it makes all the difference.

A support system of like-minded women cheering you on and giving you perspective from their unique professional experience. It takes a village!

Custom MGI workbooks to help further your learning and muscle memory (we are known for our in-depth and high-quality workbooks).

Two (2) Retreats at my home in Los Angeles that will cover training topic and LIVE masterminding around your most audacious goal and most pressing challenges.

One retreat to celebrate the end of our six months together. This retreat may take place abroad (place TBD -- we will discuss this as a group) or we may do a brand photo shoot in Los Angeles. Please note this retreat will be an additional investment to attend. More detail and connection around this to come once we begin the mastermind experience.

Enrollment is now closed!

To find out when the next Mom Mogul Success Society Mastermind group opens its doors for registration, please enter your information below:

January 2016 through June 2016

Investment: Once we receive your application, we will send you the remaining details about joining the mastermind (the monthly investment being one of them). In the meantime, to get an idea of the value and results you’ll receive, kindly dance down to the client testimonials below as well as to the month of June where you will see an asterisk (*) next to two elements you’ll receive that month. Those two elements in just that one month are worth the entire six-month investment. I’ve paid more to have experts help me craft these documents to the Huffington Post and TV stations as well as to book publishers. Kindly scroll down to check out the detail.

Number of spots available: 8-10 spots. Apply now if you're feeling that fire in your belly and here's to making a living and having a life.

Life is good,

Client L-O-V-E

Being part of Michelle's mastermind has given me a lot of opportunities to expand my business (from non-existing to actually happening), growing my network and grow as a person. I signed up as I wanted to turn my business idea into an actual Real Business. No longer did I want to be another struggling solo-preneur. Starting up your own business from scratch can be daunting. Being part of a group has made a huge difference! The weekly accountability and monthly coaching calls are a huge help in staying focused. Michelle's guidance and mentorship, combined with the support from everybody involved has helped me to no longer play small, unapologetically!

Yvonne Derkx
Ke'Ora Creative Retreats

I am a busy person. Entrepreneurial doctor with a huge vision. I needed a container to help me make my vision a reality. Michelle's Success Mastermind had all of the components that other programs were missing -- especially the accountability. She will not let you slip away into virtual abyss. The support of Michelle and my mastermind sisters have been key to staying focused while working full time at a busy clinic and building my own medical boutique practice. The mastermind is so much more than a group program, it is a sisterhood with personalized coaching. No regrets by far. It is invaluable to be heard AND understood. Thank you Michelle for creating a space for us to focus and excel in a condensed timeframe. Michelle's pure passion for helping women entrepreneurs pours out in virtual word hugs each and every time we connect.

Dr. Stacy Mobley
Burnout to Bliss, Integrative Doctor for Busy Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Through monthly coaching calls (both group and private) I have gotten the guidance and support I need to accomplish my one BIG goal in 6 months. Weekly check-ins with our Facebook group provide me with much needed accountability to stay focused and on track. In my mastermind sisters I've discovered a small group of women who not only share my passion as an entrepreneur, but also understand my unique challenges as well. As always when I work with Michelle, I am taking my business to the next level and growing in ways that are both personally rewarding as well as profitable.

I feel as if my journey is just beginning. From the small steps to the big ones, I now feel as if I can take Mpower to another level and I owe so much of that confidence to you. Know that the enthusiasm, confidence and energy with which I move with is in so many ways a direct result of the support you've given me.

Hiring a VA, getting paid to speak and launching an Mpower event... I'd say that's progress! Again, whether it's the big steps or the little ones I now continue to actually take them which is propelling Mpower forward in such a great way. My heart is filled with such gratitude for this entire experience...

Michelle Gillman
MPower, Personal Trainer and Coach

I have been a photographer and entrepreneur for the last 6 years. I am active in a women's entrepreneurial group, have taken many business webinars and am an avid reader of business books. Yet nothing has up-leveled my business and thinking as much as working with Michelle. For so long, I have felt like I have been running by the seat of my pants and working 24/7. After taking MGI's Brand to Success, Success Mastermind and Photography to Success programs, I finally feel like I can breathe because I have a plan and overall strategy for my business.

Michelle's coaching style and valuable resources have taken my personal and professional success to a new level. I can now proudly say that I have a clear, focused purpose. I have a new excitement for my business and movement. I have discovered my genius. I am ready to dream big and plan for my next 5-10 years.

Michelle is a master in her work. She mentors with business savvy and an open heart. She truly cares and it comes through in every call, every newsletter and every Facebook post. Her content-rich workbooks are top notch and her fun-loving, spontaneous spirit makes the hard work fun and engaging.

I am so grateful to have met Michelle and taken her program. I feel inspired. I feel more confident. I feel empowered more than ever in my business and life. Thank you!

Mallika Malhotra
Mikifoto, Storytelling Photographer

I know how to manage projects as I run many in the corporate world as a quality management expert. But, to accomplish my audacious goal on a new playing field full with blind spots, ugh that's a different story. I am only half way through the six-month Mastermind coaching program with Michelle and I already have started to work with a private client who signed up for my new six- week mentoring program which is even not out yet, yay!

Michelle and the whole group is gorgeous, they are there to support emotionally and on all levels when uncertainty kicks in or only question marks pop up in mind. The topics of the group calls are consciously chosen to help keep the ball rolling further.

I am totally confident I am on the right way ~ my way. And I wouldn't had figured it out without Michelle's loving help. To turn my passion into a real business as a Life Crystallization Mentor is a much - much easier journey with continuous support so I even decided to re-enroll in the mastermind for another six months with Michelle and all the ladies!

Andrea Perneczky
Life Crystallization Mentor

A few of my clients have made themselves available to exchange emails with you should you have any questions on MGI mastermind results. Reach out to us if you’re interested in hearing it straight from one of our beloved clients.

Not to sound egotistical, but my entire life I’ve felt that there’s something inside of me dying to get out, something great that I’m meant to share with the world. I’ve been in business since 2008, and I still hadn’t gotten to the point where I felt that I hit the nail on the head.

After I had my son in 2012, I completely lost myself to motherhood, but managed to find my way back again with a ton of self-care and compassion. I knew that my business needed to evolve to reflect this change, and that I needed to undergo a re-branding process. Since my background is in nutrition, I had no idea how to go about this seemingly HUGE undertaking. Do I start with colors, logos, pictures? Ugh, I need a tagline! So overwhelming.

Then I saw a post on another person’s Facebook page about Brand to Success, and after watching the free videos I knew that it’s what I needed (ah, divine timing is amazing!). I signed up, excited to get some clarity in my new business, but what I got was so. much. more than I could have ever imagined. Some weeks were the toughest I’ve had in awhile, because I had to search deep down in myself to really figure out what I wanted not only in my business, but in my life. No biggie!

Brand to Success spurred me into hiring out a lot of the stuff that I was going to do myself for my re-branding, like my copywriting and my web design. Don’t get me wrong, I like doing this things, but were they really in my genius zone? Hells no! So I hired the best that I could afford, and also splurged on a super high-end photographer.

Just a few short months after completing Brand to Success, I launched the first part of my re-branding just last week with the unveiling of my 30 Day Calm Mom Challenge … and the response has been nothing short of amazing and slightly overwhelming! I’ve had over 500 kick-ass mamas in 15 countries sign up in 5 days. That’s over a 60% increase in my e-mail newsletter list! I have no doubt that I’ll hit my goal of selling over $25,000 in my first group online program launch happening in another month.

The comments I’ve been getting on my brand, however, are the best part. Comments like “I so need this right now!” and “your pictures make being a calm mom look easy”. These are EXACTLY the thoughts that I wanted my ideal clients to have when they found my website, and the fact that they’re actually sending these comments to me makes my heart sing.

I’ve always been a very authentic person, I tell it like it is, but I don’t know if it’s always been portrayed properly in anything other than my blog posts. Now, it’s written all OVER my brand, and people are spreading the word FOR me like wildfire.

Thank you so much to Michelle and Brand to Success for being the very first but fundamental step on my journey into re-branding. A good brand is NOT just your logo, colors, or website, it’s how you make your followers feel and the mission you’re leaving in the world.

Ashley Srokosz, Mom Mogul,, Canada

I remember the day clearly. I was aspiring to create a successful online business and I knew I needed clear direction. I had only a new idea and already spent way too much time and money on a different “business” that did not excite me or provide me with a steady income. I was looking for insight, hand holding... someone to build my confidence, hold me accountable, provide their expertise and know how. I wasn’t afraid to do the work, but this time I wanted to be smart about it! Somehow, I Googled my way to Michelle, call it divine intervention!

Surprisingly, I never heard of Michelle but her site intrigued me. I feverishly began reading and taking notes. I watched her videos and the next day, continued my research on her business and background while excitingly discovering she was the pot of gold I was searching for. I took a giant leap of faith and it paid off, ten fold.

As I look back at our “Getting to Know Each Other” worksheet, where I listed my grandiose ideas on what I wanted to create, I discover just how much work we did together! We hammered it ALL out, and then some. Our time together has changed me forever. She is ridiculously intuitive, while her ideas are endless. If only I could package her and keep her in my back pocket!

We birthed together and THIS business couldn’t be more aligned with what I was put on this earth to do! I go to “work” everyday with true excitement and joy! All starting with just a simple idea... Thank You Michelle!

Andrea Pokorny, Mom Mogul
My Bliss Office, Wisconsin

Michelle is amazing at getting to the bottom of what makes you happy and building a brand from that place. Few people understand the power of branding, but it’s the smart ones who know that a well-thought out brand is the killer secret of successful businesses.

Angela Jia Kim, Mom Mogul, Savor the Success
New York

I attended Michelle Ghilotti's Brand Tour Event in London after feeling excited and grateful that this incredible and exciting opportunity had come at the perfect time for me as I am re-launching and re-branding my business and Michelle Ghilotti coming to London was a true blessing for me! I love Michelle's Brand and the look, feel and energy of her website and knew that she would be able to help me create a brand that truly represented me and the unique transformation I help my clients to achieve as an Image Consultant, Personal Branding Consultant and Money Breakthrough Coach. My challenge has been articulating and bringing together everything I do in a clear and concise way and creating a website and Images that truly represent who I am and my big vision and the unique transformation I offer my clients and I knew Michelle would be able to understand me at a deeper level and my big vision and help me bring this vision to life.

The Brand Tour Event was incredible and outstanding and I loved how Michelle truly created a beautiful experience for us all from the stunning venue to the beautiful content rich workbooks that she lovingly created. I am still feeling the energy of her incredible and empowering training delivered with true passion, beautiful energy, beautiful presence, a pure heart and true authenticity! I was amazed at the level of super highly valuable content and training materials she packed into 4 super action packed hours! The whole experience was incredibly elegant and super stylish and I truly loved it! I was completely mesmerized by her beauty, grace, elegance, style and passion.

I highly recommend Michelle to anyone that understands the importance and the power of branding to invest in yourself through working with Michelle as she is a true expert and will help you transform your business and life!

I got incredible value out of attending Michelle's Brand Tour Event and also already knew that I would need to work with her at a deeper level to truly up-level my business, brand, income and life and will be investing in a VIP Day with her to get the support I know I need to achieve the results I truly desire and know is possible for me.

Thank you for an amazing experience, Michelle. I look forward to my VIP Day with you soon!

Valencia Mole, Mom Mogul
Personal Branding Consultant and Money Breakthrough Coach, England

I’m Branded....thanks to working with Michelle. My business and life are transforming daily because of this. She’s “The Package.” She’s brilliant at her work and her passion shines through. Her genius is being really present with you and knowing the key pieces to pull from

what you tell her to focus in on Your Personal Brand. Her ability to put it all together in a congruent and masterful way is beyond helpful.

She embodies the happiness factor and it’s refreshing to see that she walks her talk. I looked forward to every session I had with her and I was confident that she could pull things together for me in a way I couldn’t see myself. What a relief. I always hung up from our time together feeling....HAPPY.

I’m certain that my business will continue grow in a way it couldn’t before I worked with Michelle. I’m so much clearer on my mission, my purpose and my Brand and this clarity is helping me in ways that I know will continue to unfold over time.

She’s so worth investing your time and resources with.

Marti Murphy, Mom Mogul
Coach/Mentor, New Mexico

I’ve worked with several coaches prior to Michelle, but since starting to work with her in her Gold Program (her six month coaching program), my personal growth, drive for a balanced life, understanding of my inner self and career opportunities have skyrocketed. She challenges me to want and get more, while appreciating what I have within and around me. More importantly, the work we do together provides me the avenue to pursue my biggest aspirations for my company and team members’ growth, while strengthening my bond with my husband, children and family. It’s almost like screaming “I am women, here me roar”, but never having to make a sound. Michelle has the ability to empower and guide you, assisting with various business clarity and decisions around business model, branding and communicating your PR factor. I highly recommend Michelle to women who are ready to take charge of their business and their life with an enlightened frame of mind to elevate their business.

Crystal Lequang, Mom Mogul
Amazae Special Events, California

I am in the very early stages of launching a new business and attended Michelle’s branding workshop to try to gain some clarity for my brand personality and also create a roadmap for a successful launch. I was so impressed with how well prepared Michelle came to the meeting. It was apparent that Michelle took the time to really get to know everyone( through a previously submitted online questionnaire) before the workshop so that we could get down to business right away. Michelle’s creative and personalized ideas along with her contagious passion for happiness left me energized and very excited to move forward toward launch! I’m looking forward to having Michelle in my back pocket as a valuable business asset!

Holly Levow, Mom Mogul
Lawyer, Portland

When I decided to take Michelle’s branding tour workshop, I had just reached the 1 year anniversary of launching my business, Domaine Somm, and felt it was a good time to focus on building the brand. Like most growing businesses, we have evolved a bit from when we launched and I felt that we needed some clarity and structure around our brand identity. The workshop provided me with a framework to ask the right questions, but I must admit that I left the workshop feeling a bit defeated and confused as all of those questions were challenging for me to answer with certainty. Those questions stayed in my head for several days and I realized that the exercise in it of itself provided me with the necessary focus and clarity to answer those questions with more confidence. I decided to do a VIP day with Michelle to expand upon the progress I had made from the workshop. The 1-1 time was valuable and helped me to flush out even further who we truly are, the impact we want to have, and how to articulate the brand in an authentic fashion. I think one of Michelle’s great attributes is her ability to help you draw out from within what you really want to share with the world and make it happen through your brand.

Gina King
Domaine Somm, California

I contacted Michelle Ghilotti because I loved all the elements of her own personal brand—the photography, the website, logo, copy – and I was drawn to her personality that seemed to leap off her website. I also appreciated that Michelle had a corporate background, as I do too. Our VIP day was exactly what I had hoped for, and more. We dug deep into the questionnaire I had completed prior to the day and really explored my purpose for my life coaching business. We discussed at length a ramp-up plan and different strategies to market the business to my ideal clients. I left the day feeling excited and confident that Michelle really understood where I wanted to take my business, and had given me concrete action steps in moving it forward. I would highly recommend working with Michelle — for her talent, her experience, and her ability to really understand her clients’ needs.

Jennifer Dietrich
Life Coach, Florida

I admit, I walked into Michelle’s workshop a little battle worn and jaded. In the past several years, I’ve gone to a bunch of marketing workshops and taken all sorts of marketing courses and yet I still couldn’t come up with a basic tagline. When I walked into Michelle’s workshop I was feeling lost the dark and scary jungle of marketing tips, techniques, and lingo. But after spending just a few short hours walking through several very easy-to-understand worksheets, Michelle helped me tame my marketing fears and finally find my tagline! Her approach was different than anything I had seen before and it made sense, and the bottom line is, it worked! Thanks Michelle!

Rebecca Woodbury Keller, Mom Mogul
PhD, CEO of Gravitas Publications

I was looking for a great business coach who got me — who understood and appreciated my lifestyle as a Mom and solopreneur, who valued the business I am building and who could show me how I could make both work. After working with her intensively, in class and in private time, I am SO fired up about my business and my life! This is no longer a make-it-work moment; I am in the flow. When I first met Michelle, I knew I had to work with her, but I wanted to be ready…I can’t believe I doubted it for a second. I was scared that I already had too much on my plate. I pushed myself to start the process anyway and I am so happy I did! We’ve worked through all my immediate needs for the business AND brand and SO much more around creating my programs and growing my speaking career! I’m so glad I followed the pull of my heart.”

Allison Hamilton-Rohe, Mom Mogul
Daily Outfit, The Netherlands

I had an amazing branding session and two months of coaching with Michelle Ghilotti. It’s quite an experience when you get to see yourself through someone else’s eyes – who you are and how you can contribute to others while expressing the true authentic you and do it publicly. There is so much freedom and joy in allowing yourself to be who you really are ~ I’ve learned that’s how you inspire others. I don’t know why I was hiding and playing small for so many years. They say women have a tendency to do it – it’s about being adaptable, not putting yourself into the “danger zone”. Yes, it feels risky putting myself out there and at the same time, it’s very empowering. The brand coaching has encouraged me to step out of my shell and start to shine.

Kristina Simpson
40s Health Coach, California

Michelle has helped me get clear on so many things. Among them, why I’m in business, what I want my message to be and what my talents are. She is helping me create strategies for delivering my message consistently through our branding work together and I couldn’t be more grateful. She has helped me see that I have the skills I need to run a thriving business, and how valuable it is to get some help in seeing where your talents converge with your business. I am thrilled to be moving forward with a revamped brand and some awesome insights from our work together. Michelle really knows branding and knows that it is as much about the logo and visual pieces as it is about the inner work!

Laurie Mae Coyle, Mom Mogul
Health Coach, Massachusetts

Working with Michelle on creating my brand Soulful Weight Loss™ has been incredible and so successful. I came to Michelle confused about where to go next with my coaching business and how to re-brand myself. I finished with a spot on brand and clarity about my path. Michelle was insightful, patient, thoughtful, brilliantly creative, super smart and so professional. She coached me forward and helped me take seat in my business and in my life to a place where I could truly find my personal brand. The process was seamless. Our journey has been one much bigger than just branding and design, it has been one of personal discovery and transformation. Michelle is a one stop shop for anyone looking to truly have a professionally branded business that reflects who they are and helps them be able do the work that they were born to do. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Emily Kaplan
Health and Body Transformation Coach, Philadelphia

I have been a client of Michelle’s for the last five years, and with all the projects we have worked on, Michelle always manages to inspire. One of Michelle’s greatest strengths is distilling an idea to its strongest form. I have brainstormed with her on all kinds of projects and she has come up with elegant and witty solutions and designs that my colleagues, friends and family have consistently raved about. I also find Michelle so easy to work with. She is a quick study, and she gets to the heart of a problem or issue quickly. She is also a great listener, and on many occasions she has pulled out from my many random and disparate thoughts a common theme or element that has become the basis of the work. Her international experiences really bring a worldwide view to the table. I know that I’m getting the best of design because Michelle has seen so much in the course of work and travel abroad.

When you send out any work under your name, you want it to be the best representation of yourself and your business. In short, she is someone who I have no hesitation in recommending because she always gets it, and gets it right.

Grace Won, Mom Mogul
Personal Branding, California

Michelle Ghilotti, a yogi in business and in life, has recently been named one of the nation's top creatives in ORIGIN Magazine and been quoted by Forbes. She's the creator of such programs as Brand to Success, Photography to Success and Mom to Mogul. Having worked with brands such as Nike, Hewlett-Packard and Starbucks in her past life, she is now a couture brand creator, success coach, writer, modern adventurist entrepreneurial mom, Huffington Post blogger and speaker supporting women in making happiness their business by infusing creative and authentic depth and daring into their brand communication, business programs, signature processes and more.

She is the owner of Michelle Ghilotti International: a branding, coaching and empowerment agency and author-in-the-making with How to be a Walking Momtra: Eight Simple Yoga Truths to Stretch Every Mom’s Happiness. She has been quoted in and written stories for nationally published books such as I Love Mondays, Tiny Buddha's Guide to Loving Yourself, It's a Chick Thing and The Girls' Book of Success as well as has appeared on KTVU, The Lifetime Channel and KATU for her work.

She's also the founder of the Walking Momtra Show where she motivates moms to focus on their happiness so they can RAISE happiness. Having lived all over the world with her business over the last 13 years, Michelle considers herself a serial expat, however, currently lives in sunny Los Angeles with her husband and Harry Potter-obsessed son.